*Review* A Pack of Blood and Lies 🐺



Ness is a werewolf living in LA, struggling to make ends meet and keep herself afloat after her mom dies. You’d think that in a big city, one female could be well hidden and left alone. So you can imagine Ness’s shock and anger when her Uncle shows up in her apartment to drag her back to Boulder- and to the sexist pack who rejected her because she was a girl.

As Ness’s life is thrown upside down and she’s back with the group of infuriating males who look down their noses, she comes up with the perfect revenge; compete to become the new Alpha of the Boulder Pack.

In every way, the idea is a win. She’d piss off Liam, the son of the horrible deceased Alpha, and show to the pack that a girl is every bit as capable as the males. But as the competition goes on and relationships form, Ness realizes that it’s not just a game anymore, and if she truly wants to be apart of the pack, she’ll have to win or she will be exiled.

Then things get even more complicated as rumours start flying about the old Alpha’s murder, tensions rise with the neighbouring pack, and Ness finds out startling information about her father’s death.

Secrets can’t be kept hidden forever, and Ness sure as hell can’t escape Boulder with the baggage she’s carrying around. But does she still really want to leave, or is she able to face the truth and come clean about the secrets she’s dug deep inside?


Ness- our strong and determined MC who is so real it’s easy to slip into her head. She also believes in the worst parts of herself which is totally relatable. She was practically carved out of the page. Her story arc is full of twists and turns that forced her to open up to our other characters, and I never once doubted her actions or yelled at her for her inner thoughts.

Liam- he was the character I loved to hate! He is sexy, strong, territorial and kind of an ass, but he’s got a tender heart that I swooned for. When his heart broke, my heart broke. When he was an ass, I wanted to yell at him. He was a rollercoaster ride of feelings that I LOVED. My biggest complaint of the whole book was about Liam and how I didn’t fully understand where his feelings for Ness came from, and when in our story line it changed. BUT I’m only nitpicking that because everything else was so perfectly placed for explanation in the book.

Which leads me to…

August- a hot, tough and super respectable Marine who captured my heart from his first line. His relationship with Ness is stemmed and formed from even before he appears on the page, and it’s obvious by their feelings and actions towards each other. Their relationship was just a little more understandable than Ness and Liam. BUT STILL, don’t make me chose. 😭

Sarah- Ness’s new friend is hilarious, independent, sassy and crazy AF. I loved her so much, that I honestly have nothing bad to say about her. I hope she comes in more and more as the story goes on, and I think her and Ness are true kindred spirits and she’d put any Boulder male to their knees.

The other characters I don’t want to go too much into, as I felt their stories are in too deep to talk about without giving things way (I’m so awful for that). But every character is very well rounded and has real, believable motives for their actions.


The action scenes were perfectly paced, the characters were woven together fabulously and full of emotion, and never once did I get bored or lose sight of our direction with the characters. I laughed, loved, hated, cried and felt all the feels for this story. There’s drama, action, romance, betrayal, friendships, hardships, silver linings and plot twists that will leave you reading at triple speed like I did 😂

Everyone who loves werewolves, romance and urban fantasy NEED to read this book. It did not disappoint, and this author deserves all the love for bringing this story into my life ❤️


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