My Favourite Books of (the first half) 2019 πŸ“š

Hey everyone! Summer is officially here, and I’m living for it! I’m currently in Las Vegas enjoying the super hot weather and crazy sights, but I’ll be on a plane back home tomorrow ready to get back to reading!

In the spirit of June, I present:

My Favourite Books from Jan-June 2019

*all these books are ones I’ve rated 5/5⭐️ this year!

  • Sorcery of Thorns (YA Magical Fantasy)

A library full of magic, a sorcerer bent on revenge, and a new pairing trying to clear their names. Sorcery of Thorns is a crazy, wild ride perfect for reader who always wondered what the Hogwarts Library was like after dark!

  • A Pack of Blood and Lies/A Pack of Vows and Tears (New Adult Fantasy/Werewolf)

A modern werewolf series, possibly my favourite series to date, that focuses on a fierce she-wolf who was never supposed to be born into her all male pack. With pack betrayals, rivalries and romances, there is never a dull moment in this trilogy.

  • I Spy the Boy Next Door (New Adult Romantic Drama)

This is hardly just a high school romance. There is something darker hiding in the neighbourhood, forcing its way to the light. You want to root for our first-love characters, but will they outlast the secrets that threaten to tear them apart?

  • Dark Shores (YA Pirate Fantasy)

Remember that time your mother told you to keep your mouth shut and do as your told? Our Pirate heroine forgot that piece of advice, and now she’s paying the price: forced to usher a group of violent, powerful warriors across the sea to a new land they were never supposed to learn about.

  • Until Friday Night (YA High School Romance)

Not everything in small-town Lawton is as perfect as it seems. Based around a football team laced with drama, secrets and history, these romance novels are enough to give you all the feels and all the tears.

  • Caraval (YA Mystery/Fantasy)

Caraval is not a game for the weak, with reality hard to discern from fiction. Two sisters will pay the ultimate price if they can’t find the clues and fight the magic of Caraval- they have to win, or die trying.

  • Sightwitch (YA Magical Fantasy)

The last Sightwitch’s story, told in the form of a handwritten journal, is perfect for fans who follow The Witchlands series. The last sister left alive has a destiny, but first you must understand the past.

  • Sky in the Deep (YA Viking Romance)

Travel back in time to the Viking age, where ruination is the way of life between warring clans. When everything our young heroine knows is thrown upside-down, she must learn to survive as a slave among her worst enemies. But nothing, and no one, is ever as it seems, and survival may be the least of her worries.

  • The Lost Girls of Paris (Adult Historical Fiction)

This WW2 novel does not shy away from the harsh reality of war. Based around a group of young women trained to spy in occupied France, The Lost Girls of Paris is a heartbreaking story of the men, and women, who made unbearable sacrifices for the sake of their country.

Leave your favourite novel of 2019 in the comments below!!


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