*ARC Review* Game On by Joanne Rock ⚾️

Theme: A sexy, contemporary sports-romance that focuses on Highschool Sweethearts getting their second-chance love.

Nature of Review: NetGalley provided me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this review are my own.

Release Date: Game On is set to release on August 08, 2019. It is part of the Texas Playmakers Series, and is the second installment. The first installment, The Perfect Catch, is avilable is ebook format, while the third book is coming Spring 2020!

Warnings: sexual content, language, talk of death and dying. I think this book was actually pretty tame in terms of content ☺️

“Nate headed toward his truck, reminding himself that no hitter worth his salt let himself get down about the first strike. He was prepared to go deep in the count. He just needed to dig in.”


Nate Ramsey is a small-town hero, having made it to the big times in Major League Baseball. Everyone loves to talk about his successes, but no one will ever forget the woman he left behind to make it there.

When Nate suffers an injury that might ruin his career, he finds himself back home hoping to give back to his town while he still can, in the form of a youth baseball camp. Word spreads like wildfire, and soon enough Keely Harper is having to watch as the man she loved waltzes back into her world. Nate hopes there is a chance for them to rekindle their relationship, but Keely knows in the big leagues nothing is ever certain.

With Keely having made a name for herself with her business, and Nate hoping to return to baseball, the odds are against the couple. But Nate knows Keely holds his heart, and Keely has never felt anything about a guy to parallel how she feels about Nate. Game On is a steamy feel-good romance perfect for a quick read.

“The way he lowered his voice a fraction made the words sound more intimate. Friendly. He made it sound like a beginning.”

I enjoyed Game on and was absorbed right from the beginning into Nate and Keely’s story. I think the whole second-change romance thing adds steamy tension right away, so there was no slow introduction here, which I really did enjoy. Both Keely and Nate’s character’s got POVs, and they were equally fun to read and see their thoughts and desires grow together as the story moves along.

I loved both their families as they added dynamics to the story that both brought them together and tore them apart, which I think is very realistic. There was no part of the story that made me think “yeah right”, it was all perfectly paced and the feelings were justified and relatable.

“I think sometimes in life we can regret the chances we don’t take a whole lot more than the missteps we make along the way.”

There were two things I (kinda) disliked about this novel.

1: The ending. I thought there was so much build up on their relationship and them trying to rekindle, that the ending was super abrupt and felt kind of unfinished. Almost like a lame cliffhanger, since there was nothing making me feel like I needed to read the next book, but yet I feel like their story will be brought up in the third installment as they are all based together.

2: Ty and Alexis’s story kinda just popper out of nowhere in the middle of the book. Alexis is Keely’s little sister who is a physical therapist who happens to work with Ty, one of Nate’s teammates, and their story ends up intertwining with Nate/Keely’s romance. It was kinda brought up out of the blue, but it was an unexpected twist. The problem with this was: I enjoyed Alexis and Ty’s side story more than the main story. I don’t have much more to say here, other than they were full of tension and hilarious jibes and I wish they were the focus of the story. 🤷🏻‍♀️

“There’s no end to what I’d do for you.”

Overall, I enjoyed Game On as an easy, romantic getaway that anyone could easily enjoy this summer. Again, I wish Alexis and Ty had their own book, and maybe they will in the future, and that book I will definitely buy!


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