*ARC Review* Altered by Vicki Stiefel πŸŽ

  • Theme: A paranormal/fantasy romance focused on a woman transported to a parallel universe to help save a dying race.
    Nature of Review: I was provided with an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
    Release Date: Altered was released on August 12, 2019 and is available for purchase on amazon.
    Warnings: PTSD, talk of death and dying, violence and war themes, sexual content.


A dying world. A woman altered. A warriors vow.

Kitlyn’s body is dying. Between her accident back in her circus days and her Huntington’s genes, Kit finds the days of enjoying the outdoors is almost behind her.

Until Kit and her sisters find themselves tumbling down a cliff into… another world? With a younger, new body and a totally hot Wolf Clan Warrior telling her she’s a Made One- a woman brought to their parallel universe to help birth females for their clan.

On top of squashing all the advances of her expected role, Kit spends her days trying to locate her sisters who have yet to be found. But being the only known Made One makes Kit a hot commodity- one that the Clans are willing to start a war over. Though if Kit has any say in it, she will be fighting the war to win her freedom- and save her new Clan from a bloody grave.

β€œWhat I like best, what you do so well, is tell stories. Just like that one. When you tell tales, you bring this world alive for me.”

I thought quite long and hard about the rating I wanted to give this novel (I wish that could be why I’m late with my review- but let’s be real: I’m a total procrastinator when it comes to writing my feelings). I did not want to give this less than 4 stars, and I will explain why below. BUT it didn’t quite hit 5 stars for me.

The plot of this story played a huge role in its higher rating. I can’t tell you one thing about it that was overdone, and there was a huge, well planned arc that brought you from the beginning to the set up for a sequel. I mean, tell me another novel that has a middle-aged woman falling through dimensions to be remade, only to stumble upon a war between clans that want to use her to birth female babies? You can’t.

β€œI would have wished to see your scars, Kit. They would have told your stories.”

“You wouldn’t have liked what you saw.”

β€œDon’t be so sure.”

Kit’s character was a refreshing point of view as well. As a woman who has been through her prime and lost so much, looking through her eyes when she is remade is so humbling. You go on her journey of self-love with her, and you want her just to enjoy her life again and root for her entirely. But Kit is more than that- she’s stronger, faster, better as a Made One. And she uses this to fight for herself against the men who want to use her. She’s no damsel, and she’s got the wisdom of experience to back her in her decisions.

“Don’t make less of who you’ve become. When I first saw you, I knew your spirit would be as beautiful as your face. You amaze me.”

The romance was good, but it wasn’t something I found myself obsessing over (as I usually do). I loved the relationship that formed between Kit and Rafe, that grew from her mistrust into him helping her be the best she can be. They had a respectable, strong relationship, and Rafe was an amazing point of interest, but there were so many lags in their romance I found myself under-stimulated πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

There were also a few points where the storyline seemed to drag, and I thought I could stop reading and still know what happened. But I’m glad I didn’t quit- the ending was so worth every bit of lag there was. It was so satisfying, and brought Kit full circle, with her keeping her vow to fight for herself and make her own name. And it was so sweet and romantic and Rafe bowed to her like the Alpha she is. πŸ’ͺ🏼

Lastly, I want to end off saying that I am pretty excited for the sequel! I feel like a story of Kit’s unyielding sister and her game of cat and mouse with the Cat Clan- where she is every bit the predator- will be more entertaining than Altered!


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