*Audiobook Recommendation* Stealing Tranquility by J.L. Weil 🐉

Title: Stealing Tranquility (Dragon Descendants Book 1)

Author: J. L. Weil

Genre: Young adult paranormal, reverse-harem romance, with lots of yummy dragon shifters and spitfire women.

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

What I can tell you about this book:

Olivia is a street rat after her mother’s death, running from her spiteful stepfather and facing the dangers of the Chicago winter. Then an encounter with a gorgeous man changes her whole world- literally.

Jace likes to collect pretty girls in the hopes one of them will be the saviour of the Veil Isles, his magical homeland where dragon shifters rule. When he sees Olivia, he can’t seem to leave her behind. So he takes her, and introduces her to the deadly curse him and his fellow shifters and been suffering through for the past century.

This audiobook was immensely entertaining. The narrator was perfect, the story line was intriguing and hooked me right from the first chapter, and the romance was full of Alpha-male steam. Olivia is a perfect little sassy protagonist, and the story being told from her POV adds to the hilarious dialogue. She doesn’t shy away from what she thinks, and her attraction to her four shifters is undeniable.

The action was nicely paced between the sexy tension, and our five characters grow to work together so beautifully. And having a female antagonist who isn’t completely psychotic was nice as well.

I can’t wait to dig into the second audiobook and see what happens to our shifters next 😉

I’d recommend this to: This is not for people who don’t like fast-paced romance, cheesy banter and easy-to-read fantasy. But for those like me who just want to enjoy an audiobook, this is for you!

I’d compare this to: I can’t think of anything to compare this to, as I find dragon-shifter fantasies are fairly undiscovered still🤔 going with the author’s comparisons, the romantic tension of Twilight mixed with the adventure of the Shadowhunters.


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