*Recommendation* Killing November by Adriana Mather ☠️

Title: Killing November

Author: Adriana Mather

Genre: A young adult mystery/thriller based around a girl who is sent to a mysterious boarding school where her classmates are born-and-bred killers.

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

What I can tell you about this book:

November has no idea what in the world is going on: her father shipped her off to some remote school with no explanation, there is no internet or cellphones or outside access, her classes are based around deception and weaponry, and everyone seems to know more about her than November does herself.

As students at her mysterious new academy start dying, November is the prime subject. But November has nothing to do with the insane politics and murders that are happened… right?

Killing November is a badass, alluring story with a beautiful slow burn romance that had me hooked from page one. I loved the originality of this book, the mystery unfolding as November learns more about her family and pieces together the puzzle she got caught in. I never once wanted to put this book down and can’t wait for book 2!

I’d recommend this to: Young Adult or Adult readers who love an academy novel for deadly teens, mysterious lineages and steamy tensions.

I’d compare this to: a healthy mix of Hunger Games thrills with Shadowhunter politics- but without the supernatural, and the villains are as human as they come.


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