*Audiobook Recommendation* Midnight Touch by L. Ann 🐾

Title: Midnight Touch (Midnight Pack #1)

Author: L. Ann

Genre: An adult, werewolf/paranormal contemporary romance that is super fun and hits you in all the feels.

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

What I can tell you about this book:

Sean is a werewolf with a dark past- but he has been clean of Belladonna for over a year, and volunteers to help relocate the pack to get his fresh start. But trouble will find Sean no matter how far he moves, and there is a hunter coming for revenge.

Cassie just walked in on her boyfriend screwing her roommate… right in the damn kitchen. With no where else to go, Cassie runs to her childhood home for an escape- except the property now belongs to a sexy Alpha-male who doesn’t welcome lost girls on his doorstep.

But nothing can seem to keep these two apart, and the sparks between Sean and Cassie soar despite the danger looming for the pack- and for Cassie.

The Midnight Touch audio was a sexy romance with a touch of drama and danger. I enjoyed how easy it was to listen to the story, how it flowed from a romance story to a action-filled ending so smoothly. There were a lot of characters near the end, but the narrator differentiated well between them with subtle voice changes.

My ONE issue: Mike Peterman (the narrator) did not fit Sean at all. While his narration in general, and for Cassie, was easy on the ears, I found it was awkward to hear his voice be one of a sexual Alpha Male. And I didn’t like his Isabella impression, either.

I’d recommend this to: Lovers of Alpha males, shifter-romances and well-paced sexual content. Keep in mind there are some deadly hunters to keep it interesting, and it got slightly graphic at the end.

I’d compare this to: This novel has the same vibe as The Originals- with the same steamy romance and violent action, but for a more mature audience.


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