*Audiobook Recommendation* Midnight Secrets by Rita Stradling 💉

Title: Midnight Secrets (The Vampire Legacy #1)

Author: Rita Stradling

Genre: A steamy YA vampire romance, with high school drama and deadly monsters lurking in the dark.

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

What I can tell you about this book:

January is a Vampire. She died, then woke up with a note saying to call some random number to get her blood fix- or she’ll end up going on a killing spree. The last thing she expects is some hot, prep-school kid to be showing up to her drunk mother’s house and offering to be her personal blood bag. But still- January can’t turn down Justin’s offer.

A year later, January’s got the whole vampire thing under control. But her life goes haywire when she ends up moving with her Nana to be the Robert’s new maid. Little did she know- her toxic relationship with Justin is about to get a lot more complicated. Justin is the Robert’s only son, and his mother has a plan to set him and January up- by getting her into the elusive Blackburn Academy.

On top of the awkward living arrangements, Justin wants to sabotage January’s chances at getting into his school. January takes it personally, but she soon finds out Blackburn is more than just an elite academy, and the trials she has to pass to be accepted may expose her as a vampire. But January learns she has no other choice- there are worst things lurking outside the Academy that want her dead.

How is it that life just gets more complicated when you die?

This may be my longest recommendation yet, because I LOVED this audiobook. January and Justin’s relationship was toxic af, as promised, but was steamy and sexy and I loved their building feelings for each other. January’s life as a vampire is crazy to navigate with her- and the drama she faces moving to a new neighbourhood and having to keep her secret is so entertaining! I loved the modern drama mixed with paranormal thriller, and never once did this story get boring or disappoint. I can’t wait to listen to book 2!

I’d recommend this to: Audiobook lovers who want a thrilling, hilarious, sexy, dramatic high-school romance to leave them wanting more!

I’d compare this to: A mix of Vampire Diaries and Vampire Academy, hands down!


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