*Audiobook Recommendation* Shades of Fury by Heather Renee ðŸ¾

Title: Shades of Fury (Raven Point Pack #1)

Author: Heather Renee

Genre: A young adult contemporary werewolf romance with a strong female lead and dramatic pack politics, mixed with a mysterious murder.

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

What I can tell you about this book:

Taya was never supposed to be Alpha. Her twin brother, Cord, was always better with people anyways, and was a natural leader with a better temper than Taya. But when Cord is found murdered- most likely by another pack- Taya finds herself trying to pick up the pieces he left behind.

Taya finds herself thrown into a conspiracy surrounding disappearing humans, and thinks she knows where to find answers. But searching into the secrets of a dangerous pack makes her a target- and all those she holds close.

Time is ticking for Taya to save the innocents and the people she loves. With the help of a handsome shifter named Liam, Taya can only hope to survive long enough to try.

This werewolf drama was completely entertaining and drew me in right from the beginning. It was easy to listen to, with a nice plot flow that brought us from one conflict to the next as the story developed. I thought Taya was a strong POV, and her character was original but not overwhelming (you know what I mean?).

Her friendship with Auggie was refreshing and there was no love triangle here, and the was romance with Liam was pretty fast-paced, but I rooted for them despite the problems they faced, cause I mean, what is a good romance without obstacles?

I did feel that the action near the end was a little unplanned– if I had to pick a word- on the characters part, but I know there are multiple books in this series to expand action over. And the ending was a cliffhanger that will totally drive Taya to the hardest moment of her life.

I’d recommend this to: Lovers of werewolf romances who want an easy read, but want to buckle down for the long-run and binge-read the trilogy.

I’d compare this to: Twilight-level drama and romance, mixed with the strong female-lead and werewolf politics of Nightshade.


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