*Book Tour Review* Decidedly by Chance by Stina Lindenblatt 🧸


Hey all, thanks for stopping by my humble little book tour post ! When I was asked to take part in The Next Step PR’s tour of Decidedly by Chance, I had no idea what these romance books were about, but I picked it up and read it anyways.

And man, did I devour this book! I loved this fun, easy, romantic comedy. It was heartfelt and thoughtful and hilarious, with men that have sexy personalities (in every right way) and their women who are beautiful inside and out.

I read Decidedly by Chance in two days (only stopping because it was Thanksgiving here in Canada), and since then I’ve committed to reading the rest of the series! (This is the fifth book of The By the Bay series).

Before I get ahead of myself, here is my description:

Hannah is ready to have a baby, despite not having a man to help her along. But no worries- this baby mama will do it on her own, with no awkward sexual strings attached. Hannah is tired of waiting for her Prince Charming, and is more than happy to get it on with a turkey baster to get the job done.

Except things do get awkward, when her friend Wes makes a reappearance in her life. Now the guardian of his adorable niece, Wes is struggling to juggle his career with his new fatherly duties… and his growing attraction for his pregnant friend.

Hannah wishes she could blame her need for Wes on those damn pregnancy hormones, but seeing him step up as Everly’s guardian makes him way too perfect. More perfect than he already is. But there is always baggage, and always a blind side, and Hannah can’t risk her and her little bean being abandoned, not ever.

Too bad those horny hormones didn’t get the message.

From the first chapter, Decidedly by Chance was a hilarious read. There was no waiting around for the the sexual tension to start… the pages were dripping with Wes and Hannah’s need for each other. It was easy to get into when their attraction was already established and you were just along for the ride.

Hannah’s character was super relatable, and I loved how she was a pregnant MC with an unconventional story. It made it all the more lovable. And can we talk about how adorable Wes and Everly are? Not only did they steal my heart with their sweet relationship, but I enjoyed that Wes supported Hannah entirely through the story, and there was never any bad blood no matter what happened

They cared for each other because that’s what happens when you fall in love. The drama is unnecessary- this is all about warming our horny little hearts.

Thanks again to The Next Step PR for bringing this book on my radar, and to Stina for sending me a copy (and writing an immensely entertaining story)!


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