*Audiobook Review* Throne of Winter by Sophie Davis

Title: Throne of Winter

Author: @seesophiewrite (Sophie Davis)

Genre: YA fantasy romance with a futuristic twist

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

My thoughts:

Brie is a fire fae, one of the most rare magical beings, and is just as legendary in the fighting ring as she is with her power. Taken captive from her homeland years ago, Brie had to climb her way to the top from lowly slave fighter.

In this post-apocalyptic Hawaii, Castors rule with a strong fae by their side, syphoning their powers to help the Castor do magic. Kai is the prince to the Throne of Winter, and it’s time for him to find a fae mate to have by his side.

Who better than the most dominate fae in the pits, Brie the powerful fire fae? Brie goes along with the Prince’s courting, but she will never forget that the Fae are glorified slaves under Castor rule. Brie wants to use her sway with the Prince to help the brewing fae rebellion, but will she have to break her own heart in the process?

I’m torn on how to rate this book- I loved the originality, the mix of futuristic new Earth with the fantasy of magical beings (not often is fantasy set in the future- it’s almost always set in the past. Points for that). I loved the premise of this story, that a slave fae is turning around to beat her captors and make a better world for all kinds, and high points for the entertainment that the audiobook brings.

But, there were some things I just couldn’t enjoy- Brie being a “slave” but yet being compensated well for her work and having immense freedom and being sought after for her powers (instead of being seen as a threat), Kai falling head over heels for said slave, and how we are told both characters are strong personalities- but their actions are kind of irritating.

Honestly, if I read this in ebook format, I may not have stuck with it. The audiobook format adds to the rating for me, as I was able to get over those parts I disliked fast. But they are still stuck in the back of my head after finishing the story.

Overall, this story is a fun young adult read- but I wouldn’t recommend it to adult fantasy lovers just because of the tame execution of the book.

It’s entertaining, but it’s not for everyone. And that’s okay 🤷🏻‍♀️ I look forward to reading more from Sophie Davis!


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