*ARC Review* Etched in Stone by Liv Arnold.

Title: Etched in Stone
Author: Liv Arnold (@liv_au )
Genre: A contemporary, hilarious romance with a touch of espionage and loads of drama.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Etched in Stone is a comedic romance from start to finish. When we first meet Vanessa, she is a new grad ready to pave her way in the world of business in her dream job at Stone Corp. But first order of business: buy a fancy graduation dress that costs way too much money and try not to embarrass herself while walking across the stage. Only, there are two hitches in Vanessa’s plan:
1: the sexy man she saw half naked in the change room of said fancy store turns out to be her new boss.
2: her mom got arrested for stealing, AGAIN, and Vanessa is being blackmailed to spy on her said new gorgeous boss to keep her mom out of jail.
What could go wrong? Liv Arnold gives readers a dramatic ride as Vanessa struggles between her growing feelings for her new boss (topped off with all the sexual fantasies we could hope for), and keeping her mom out of jail.
The writing was flawlessly smooth, her characters were hilariously relatable, and her plot flowed from one scene to the next with no hitch. Overall, I loved this story and recommend it to all my fellow hopeless romantics!


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